Monday, August 1, 2016

Print Preview - Content not showing | RTC Report

A Newly created report which is working fine is not showing the Line Section only for a couple of documents.
But when the same report is saved as PDF or any other format available, it is working fine.
All the codes and #dataset is correct.

For confirmation i even checked the records of the report...

It is pulling all the records and is normal. 
I rechecked all the codes but couldn't find the mistake. Then finally i started talking to some of my colleagues. One of my friend just presented a random solution and surprisingly it worked. This is the reason i am writing this blog. I cannot explain why it happens but it works...

The problem was big but the solution was just a report property option. The preview mode of the report is "Normal". In order to make this report get the Line value and preview it i changed the Preview mode to "PrintLayout" and it worked fine...

It doesn't makes enough sense why the same report was working fine for other documents and not for some of the documents(all the Documents are of almost similar line records).  

Hopefully someone will find this Blog helpful. I would be happy if i can save someone time with this solution. 

Thank you.

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